Should an actor, model ,singer or dancer have a Business plan ?

Should an actor, model ,singer or dancer have a Business plan ?

I think that perhaps career *goals* is a better way to put it.We all know that, acting can be an extremely uncertain career path, but without a clear goal to work toward, or an idea of what steps can put you closer to your goal it seems to me that acting would end up being an extremely discouraging career path.

Artist be they actors , models , dancers singers or any other type of talent often have trouble grasping the business end of “the business”. With many being wed to the “starving artist” stereo type .

My experience has taught me that “artistic types ” of personalities often have difficulty forming career goals and a career strategy The bad news is that those who master the business side of things are often the most successful.

Acting and modeling are not any different from any other profession and It is always best to have plans or goals to give you something to strive to attain and achieve.

Even something as simple as: ‘I want to work on television’, or ‘I’d like to become a member of a theater company’ can help Keep you focused and push you to make decisions that are in line with where you want your career to go.

It is best however to set goals the focus on actions you are going to take with a specific time limit I am going to take a specific acting class or I am going to a certain number of auditions each month . I am going to update my resume and credits ,I am going to learn a new monologue .

Goal give you a way to measure your progress .

Goals focused on actions and not results put you in the drivers seat .and always remember to have fun in the process. If you aren’t enjoying the process then look for another profession.