The power of quality headshot can never be underestimated

The power of quality headshot can never be underestimated. On several occasions in recent days, I was reminded of how important it is to have quality up to date headshot. One such last-minute promotional event,I was responded to with, “that is a great headshot your the exact type of person we are looking for “. 

A professional headshot is no longer only for models or actors, be it for business or pleasure in today’s social networking intensive environment there is nothing that says your a professional as a clean professional headshot.

From a corporate executive , Lawyer, Doctor , Real Estate agent it is just as important as say a model or an actor. The profile picture on social media or a corporate website is often the first thing your potential client sees. It is also the first thing you competition sees.

A quality head shot pronounces to the world that you are a profession and your take your career seriously. What does your profile image really say about you? Have you ever carefully considered what the outside world looking in sees and thinks about you?  A profile image is the first impression you make. Presenting yourself with a poorly done or inappropriate profile image online is like showing up at black tie fund raiser with spaghetti sauce on your shirt. It’s like running into the CEO of your company at a fancy restaurant and getting his or her name wrong, or sending a titillating text message meant for a lover to a client by mistake. A bad profile image is like saying something you don’t want others to hear, or see, or think.  It gives the impression that you are not paying attention, that you don’t take a real interest in yourself, your business, or in the details of your life.

On a business networking websites like Linkedin for example, your image is the first thing people look at. Your credentials come second. If your image is missing, it is like turning your face away when you meet someone. Automatically, there is a subconscious tendency for a viewer to think that you are lax, lazy, or have something to hide.  If you do have an image already, what does it say about you? Does it inspire trust and confidence in the minds of potential business clients? If not I would suggest an immediate update .

Find a good photographer . A good photographer is more like an artist, a philosopher, and a psychologist rolled into one, with camera colored eyes. A good photographer will help you style your photo shoot, from the clothes you wear including the level of makeup, to the lighting and background. They know how to tell your story in a way that will attract the type of connections ,convey confidence and professionalism . They don’t just take your picture. They create and image that tells your story and gives a potential client confidence you have what it takes to deliver what they need.

*My head shot was done by ArtChick Llc [email protected]