How to Answer a Casting call

So you are answering a casting call and you are not sure what to do . This post will address what to do and what not to do .

1) Read the casting call carefully , are you what they are looking for?Are you available? Available means you are the right type in close proximity, no one is going to fly an unknown across the country or pay for lodging . So if you’re a good fit, don’t be shy . Don’t waste time with Facebook comments , like “I’m interested” .

2) Send the required information ,no more no less. For Phillyfaces we usually require a headshot and stats( height, weight ,age suit or dress size and so on).

Have a professional headshot or at the very least a decent selfie . The headshot is your calling card .Even if the casting director asks for a candid selfie having a professional headshot makes you look serious about your career.

3) Make sure you have proper contact information , that  means a phone number that works , and email you respond too. If they ask for social media accounts like instagram , make sure it is not a private account . If you personal account is private you should set up a professional account for modeling ,acting, dancing and so on that is easily accessible, public.

4) Do not send downloadable files , casting directors are under time constraints, no one has time or willing to risk a virus prone download. 

5) On the first email just send what asked for , if there is interest  

the casting director will ask for specific things , like a taped monologue . So follow up if asked ,but don’t badger the casting director, which is a big no no. 

6) Respond to all correspondence, emails txts quickly and succinctly.

7) Try not to send superfluous information , keep responses short and to the point . Don’t waste people’s time.

8) Most importantly be honest with yourself, not every gig is for everyone , not everyone is a supermodel. Be happy with who you are and answer casting calls best work for your talent.