“Inappropriate Behavior,” Starring Robert De Niro and New Jersey native Bobby Cannavale Shooting in Westwood NJ

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Westwood NJ, Hollywood came once again to to Bergen County this week to shoot a movie with some big name actors. Jack’s Cafe in Westwood was a filming locale for an upcoming movie starring Robert De Niro and New Jersey native Bobby Cannavale. The movie, “Inappropriate Behavior,” directed by Tony Goldwyn is a road-trip comedy about a comedian and his son, who has Asperger’s, according to Variety.

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Westwood Mayor Ray Arroyo joked that , “A fellow Pascack Valley mayor asked me if Westwood was going Hollywood? No way! We don’t have the infrastructure to support the massive attitude, ego and narcissism that comes straight-out-a’ Tinsel Town.’ ”

He when on “Filmmakers are drawn here because our small town culture, embodied in the charming scale of Westwood’s visual environment, offers the opposite of all that. If I had to choose between the fleeting glamour of Hollywood and the enduring allure of Westwood; I’d choose Westwood. Always Westwood.”