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The Annual Hosting Subscription below is the third and final on-line step to complete your Talent Sign-up.

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For Listing Upgrades

You can call or email us for listing upgrades, and then
use our "Miscellaneous Payments" button below.

Use this "Miscellaneous Payments" button only if the amount you owe is for an upgrade or if the amount is not listed on the payment buttons in Step 2. Fill in the appropriate amount during the check-out process.

If you need to verify the amount due, please call Kristine at 215-650-7052

Miscellaneous Payments


Success Stories:

" and Joe Chielli got me started in acting years ago. I went to Church Street Studios to have some pictures taken and Joe told me that I had a character face. He then asked me if I wanted to be on the actors and models website. I thought this was hilarious, especially since I had no prior acting experience. But Joe encouraged me and said that my maternal look might get me some roles. Joe was right. A week later, I was cast as a Mexican woman in the iindependent comedy "The $30 Dentist". I never had so much fun at "work". Other roles followed. Acting for me is pure pleasure - creative, challenging and a great way to meet new people. I feel invigorated with each new role. Consider this a testimonial to Joe Chielli's professional judgment."
Rosemary Arcari

"Through my listing, I have gotten lots of auditions and roles, both in and outside Philadelphia. Recent films I have acted in include a Bollywood film about suspected terrorists filmed in Center City, and a History Channel documentary reinactment about President Lincoln filmed at Fort Mifflin ...."
Kyle Green

"Because of my new listing on, I received the part of 'Sarah' in 'Conversations from the Cafe' in the Philly Fringe Festival. The production will continue in Fall/Winter with 'Sidewalk Cafe' and I will be playing the role of Sarah again. These productions are with Represented Theatre Company."
Mary A.

"Because of I did a model photo shoot for eyewear just last Thursday. Now I am doing an on-line riddle video game. I can think of three other jobs and some independent films ..."
Anthony Horton


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