Posted by James Foytlin

Friday, June 29, 2018
12:00 PM

GREAT OPPORTUNITY !!! NON UNION (2) males for leads in Feature Film. PAID $1000. Must be prepared to travel. (exotic/secret location) Fly out of Phil or NY July 13th returning July 31st. Will stay in a 5 🌟Chateau. Electronic submissions...pix, resume' & reel to: JASON (25-35 years old, Caucasian): Jason is a high functioning autistic savant, brilliant with programming and creating algorithms. He’s a slob...doesn’t leave his house Doesn’t meet or talk to people.. Doesn’t take showers or wash his hair for days Doesn’t shave, won't clean his house for wks. He’s very uncomfortable looking persons in the eyes. Uncomfortable talking to people, when he has to, he sounds rude, like he doesn’t want to talk. PHIL (35-50, Caucasian): Executive type, smooth, well educated, well groomed, well dressed, intelligent and cunning. Auditions by appt. In Philadelphia NOVICES WILL NOT BE SEEN Must have chops

1844 North Front Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122